Desert Rose Biomedical Lab

Improving Life

We are a innovated Bio-compatible printing company that scans, designs and manufactures prosthetic and dental products.

The only way to deliver the treatment our patients so desperately need is the desire to learn the unknown. Using the ability to change we can transform. We must remodel the way we think and act, it is only through the ritual of searching that the ideal can be found. Our company is vigilantly working on improving the lives of those who serve.

Additive Manufacturing has complete changed the dental landscape. The sooner the technology is adopted the soon every clinic can provide end-to-end solutions for every patient. From branding, manufacturing, instructions, workflows, and research and development of all dental products can be offered by your supervision. By offering a diverse background in 3D printing we can ensure quick delivery and affordable customized products. By offering a white label solution we hope to let you define how the product should offered. Having experience with the technology we can provide general solutions all the way to training for In-house manufacturing. We know the rise in affordable clear aligners and the ability to change how your clinic and your brand appearance. Though our consultations we can adapt and scale your needs and desires for the future of serving. Visit our Dental Hub to learn how you can impact your practice through offering a branded product that you control the from start to finish.

The medical field is changing quickly with the adoption of technology. The ability to adopt and apply technology can can offer new and improved solutions and creations of future treatments. From visualization, preparation, to innovated device prototyping and treatment. Visit our Medical Hub to learn how your patients can benefit from incorporating and designing the treatments that they need. We print orthopedic surgical guides, skin imitation models and diagnostic models to our doctors. From CT scans, MRI, Mammograms, Ultrasounds DICOM files we can create a digital rendition of the desired body part that needs to be replicated. Along with models were can create custom devices that fit each patient perfectly.

Our research and development is what provides the fuel to better our industries. Testing and making custom resins and workflows allows for cutting edge products to be developed and implemented. By having a defined product in mind allows for improvements, the scaling of manufacturing, predictable workflows and product branding. Our materials, designs and equipment gives us the opportunity to invest into our future.


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