Desert Rose Biomedical Lab

Improving Life

We are a innovated Bio-compatible printing company that scans, designs and manufactures prosthetic and dental products.


InFocus Solutions

InFocus Solutions are just that, very specific solutions for unique problems, clinics, hospitals or firms have. By extending our knowledge of biomedical engineering we hope to complete your projects together. We focused on end-solution based topics.



From our assortment of materials we determine the most optimal material based off the properties needed from the design. Our materials range in plastics, ceramics, or metals.


CAD/CAM Services

Digital design or manufacturing is a tedious task that can be overlooked due the extensive background knowledge needed. By having the correct software your designs can become tangible parts. It is crucial to have a competent technician to operate digital tools.



Our products a predetermined based off patients scans and prescriptions. By selecting exactly what your patient needs it can be easy when diagnosis, treating or educating a patient. As well as custom parts that or methods of manufacturing and scaling your idea.



Our devices have been internally designed and manufactured. By showcasing how we have developed solutions can help demonstrate our solution based devices.

Made a logo cut out for us, next we will try acyllic engraving. #glowforge #laserengraving


The number of products available is overwelminng and hard to differentiate, we offer custom branding on end use products expanding your brand recognition beyond t-shirts, mugs, pens or any trivial object.


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