Desert Rose Biomedical Lab

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We are a innovated Bio-compatible printing company that scans, designs and manufactures prosthetic and dental products.


Einscan 2x Plus (HD-Scanning)

Einscan 2x Plus (HD-Scanning)



The dental industry is quickly adopting digital scanning, whether its is intraorally or model based the industry is adopting the technology. Considering the dentistry still uses models we offer all our clients free model scanning. This is gives every dental clinic the opportunity to offer digital services.


The medical field has access to digital imaging which gives every physician access to CAD/CAM technology. By learning how to utilize the technology that is accessible a physician can offer the standardized unique treatment each patient deserves. Along side radiology imaging we offer scanning services for surface scanning of a patient for braces, covers, mounts and much more.


When you are looking to replicate, scale or draw a add-on design scanning can be your only option. By having a digital file representing the part can help modify and perfect your piece. Having a precise and clean scan is our goal to ensure any additional work can be achieved while maintaining the surface finish. By using a portable scanner you can scan the piece of interest exactly where it is located.



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