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From Printing Paper to Print Parts to Paper Weight

The title might be a little long, but I felt it was fitting to what I wanted to discuss. It seems that through high demand products become available to everyone. I want to give a brief history on paper printing, compare it to desktop 3D printers and finally transition to what occurs in our daily lives as users of 3d printers. 

Go back a many years ago and the information industry was not very prosperous. Only through word of mouth or text could you learn and educate yourself on any desired subject. Only through the printing press could information be compressed into a paper bound device the could travel further than any other technology. Through the years of printing the high demand of information allowed for a great breakthrough to occur, a printing press within the house hold. Today printers sit ideally ready for any job that might require printing, but instead they seem to only accumulate dust and instead have to offer options such as scanning or copying documents. It seems that we do not produce enough content to run the printer night and day.

Similar to the printing press 3D printers have gone through a similar history. They were used only through large operations and slowly moved into homes. With the ever growing market of desktop printers it seems that there is a new printer every day. Having the ability to print has give the false illusion of creating a venture to print parts for others that lack the ability.  This is a weird phenomena that paper printing didn't necessarily experience. A large group of individuals that print for service, now granted fedex does offer printing services, but through its popularity it has been able to sustain its model. Having 3d printing so readily available has inspired others to offer services, but unfortunately there is little value in printing parts. This business model is reliant on a individual that is not educated with the technology and will never phase into 3d printing themselves. Leaving behind the same ideal printer, only accumulating dust.

I want to finish this blog by referring to a book I read called: "The Entrepreneur mind". The book goes over 100 beliefs that "true" entrepreneurs must have. The most memorable one is one that focus on business models. It mentions that there are only 2 ways to provide value, either you offer value by reducing price or you offer value through innovation.  The author goes over how most new businesses focus on reducing the price instead of providing innovative products. If you observe the same companies a few years later the innovative ones control most of the available revenue and are less likely to go out of business. That being said I hope you all stay innovative and don't forget to inspire others through your work. 


Constant Revisions

Hello All, if you have visited our website in the past you might notice that we have changed a few things. I have eliminated a number of pages and have update them. Each page will be geared towards one subject. 

Blog: I will post either a article written by me, a friend or post a topic that might be of interest for all of us. Please feel free to make suggestions and do not forget to comment.

Printed Today: Is our new store which will allow for specific items to be purchased, whether its our services or production we will make sure it is done within the same day. If your are local same day pick up is available, if not we will ship the item the day of ordering. We hope that our prompt services allows for your immediate results. Same Day does not apply to Aligners, Dentures or Metal Printing as all three process have lengthy procedures. 

Developer: Is our new page in which we will showcase how to develop the technology that you may be using, we will be posting guides as well as our personal hacks on the technology that we use. This will be mainly for others that are providing a similar service or operating with similar equipment. 

DR. Galleries (DEMO): This is a new concept for our company. We will have a variety of art that is listed from different artist. We hope to focus on sophisticated pieces. This page is to help diversify our webiste, which we tend to be in our little niche. I hope you like the art that is posted and if your are interested please feel free to inquiry about prices. I am sure all our artists would love to offer their work. 

Disciple: Will be our new page to have new comers that are interested in joining our Team. We want to know what it is that we can be of assistance. Whether its Printing Service, Maintaining equipment, or becoming a team member we accept all inquiries. 



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