Desert Rose Biomedical Lab

Improving Life

We are a innovated Bio-compatible printing company that scans, designs and manufactures prosthetic and dental products.

OnFocus Materials

Our focus is Biomaterials, which are materials that wont negatively impact body, offer temporary support, compatibility for bone growth, material integration or must be able to dissolve and can be metabolized by body. Material has a life span appropriate to length of time of injury or treatment. The following are a few materials mainly used for the design and manufacturing Biomedical parts. By using digital technology to manufacture these materials we can provide a custom fit for each of your patients


Zirconium dioxide is a metallic ceramic material that is very stable and used for traumatic treatment, bone replacement and is stable enough for bone integration. The high strength of zirconia makes it a difficult material to manufacture, but its applications are immense being such a stable material. Zirconia’s application’s range from implants, heat insulator, surgical instruments

Stainless Steel

By being able to design your own tools needed no longer gives you the ability to offer new solutions. Surgical tools, implants or braces are essential for the well being of our people. Stainless steel has a number of different applications that naming them can be overwhelming. Having the ability to 3D print stainless steel gives you infinite number of custom applications.

Carbon Fiber

The ratio of weight to strength for Carbon Fiber is incredible. There are a number of replica materials using CF as a composite, but strength is compromised. By using custom male/female molds unique geometries can be achieved. By using 3D printed molds we can create parts faster for application. Having such strength and so little weigh gives CF a great advantage for designing braces, prothetic limbs components or even weight bearing parts.


The emergence of resin printing has been achieved through the photopolymers and their constituents: UV blockers, photo-initiators, polymers, and monomers. Through the extensive chemistry creating correct ratios for each component has given rise to a number of different UV printable materials from strong to flexible, metallic to ceramic and many more applications. The highly sensitive materials have given rise to quick model production or even immediate biocompatible production. The biocompatible materials can be used for short or longer term use within or outside of the patients body. Through their use we can make custom dental and medical device fabrication.


These plastics are used for our everyday FDA approved products. Their ability to be malleable through heat allows for any shape or form to take place. These are a great option when prototyping parts or devices as well as offering temporary structure. The extensive number of thermoplastics gives are great array of composite materials to be used to determine and refine your future products and treatments.

Future Materials

We are consistently working on new materials that can be utilized for very niche applications. Current we have in development a direct aligner resin as well as a highly conductive ceramic. We hope to bring 3D Design and Printing Organs,  skin, heart, kidney, liver to our facility in the near future as we have been collaborating with local Universities.


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