Desert Rose Biomedical Lab

Improving Life

We are a innovated Bio-compatible printing company that scans, designs and manufactures prosthetic and dental products.

All our Dental Products are 3D printed to ensure quick delivery and affordable products. Being able to print FDA approved materials we can manufacture dentures, surgical guides, indirect bonding trays, splints, retainers, crowns and study models. Having our technology In-house has allowed us to offer affordable clear aligners with a faster delivery.  Visit our Dental Hub to place a order on any of your dental printing needs and have finished products within the same day.

Additive Manufacturing has allowed us to create precise parts that meet medical standards. Being able to use technology that is available to doctors and combining our knowledge of the technology allows for innovation to take place here in New Mexico. Visit our Medical Hub to place a order on any of your medical printing needs and have finished products within the same day. We print orthopedic surgical guides, skin imitation models and diagnostic models to our doctors. From CT scans, MRI, Mammograms, Ultrasounds DICOM files we can create a digital rendition of the desired body part that needs to be replicated.


Our research and development is what provides the fuel to better our industries. Testing and making custom resins allows for cutting edge products to be developed and implemented. Our materials consist of metallic and ceramic resins which can be used on most SLA/DLP printers. We also use traditional printing techniques to print filament metals. Please see what we have to offer and reach out to have a custom material made. 


PO. Box 35211

2505 Graceland Dr NE

Albuquerque, NM 87110