Desert Rose Biomedical Lab

Improving Life

We are a innovated Bio-compatible printing company that scans, designs and manufactures prosthetic and dental products.

Radio-logical Automatic Diagnosing

The high amount of images processed by humans creates for Radiology to become a tedious widespread solution. The Radiologist might look at desired areas but due to grey scaling cannot properly diagnose and will instead list all possible ailments that could be present. It is up to the specialist to determine the diagnosis.

This is where computers can help process images faster, with a higher degree of accuracy. Through proper image analysis and determine the values of grey scale the computer can determine the problems. Using arrays of values and how they relate to one another is how the computer visualizes the disease.

Self-Instructing Computer Knowledge

It seems that A.I is going to drive us around determine what to have for lunch, schedule appointments and respond to emails. We who is teaching A.I. is it corporations, humans or preset sensors. We are looking to have computers teach themselves to read and understand what they read. How do we teach Autonomous learning, we first teach how to read and the meanings of what is composed. Now its not a limit to what is read and how to obtain the knowledge, its what knowledge do you seek and how is it instructed.


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